Piano Lessons – the Gift of Music

As a teacher I’m extremely mindful of being a facilitator of my students’ musical growth, encouraging them to develop technically, musically and personally with confidence, pleasure and at their own pace.

Enjoy the Gift of Music

Lessons with me are not just about learning to play the piano. I believe in developing the whole musician and provide a holistic approach to teaching, enhancing and extending all facets of music-making and appreciation.

For a more detailed look at the skills, concepts and activities I introduce to my students in their first year of piano lessons, please read A Journey of Discovery.

Please be aware...

I have a waiting list of prospective students. If you, or your children, would like to learn from me, you need to have your name on my waiting list as soon as possible. To find out more about how the list operates and get some idea of how long it may be before a lesson time is available, please visit the Waiting List page.

Piano Lessons Tailored for Every Student

Receive personalised tuition in the comfort of your own home or from my Studio in Waverley, Dunedin.

My Studio is specifically configured to provide online lessons, ensuring your piano tuition is a seamless and stress-free experience.

I firmly believe a key component of the learning experience is establishing a trusting and sharing relationship between teacher and student. For me, the first step in building this relationship is to offer a free 30 minute introductory lesson so students can not only find out a little more about the piano, but also learn a little more about me and get a feel for my teaching style. 

Get in touch for a free, no obligation 30 minute Introductory Lesson

2024 Piano Teaching Term Dates


First Day of Teaching

Last Day of Teaching

Lessons per Term


5th February

12th April



29th April

5th July



22nd July

27th September



14th October

6th December


I would not hesitate to recommend her for lessons

Meagan Hurley

Jane has been teaching my son for 5 years, he loves his lessons and has learnt so much. She is very kind and patient. I would not hesitate to recommend her for lessons. He never gets bored with his lessons and is allowed to choose the music he wants to play. Her lessons are always varied and fun.

highlight of our son’s week!

Body Family

I like having Jane as a teacher because she is kind and helps me understand the music.

Christopher Body

Piano lessons with Jane are the highlight of our son’s week! He began at the start of this year and we have been amazed at how he has progressed in his comprehension of music. There never seems to be a need to push him to practice as Jane seems to inspire him with her passion for music.

Deborah Body

Her exceptional teaching nurtured his love for music

Niroshini De Silva

I highly recommend Jane as a piano instructor. She recognised my son’s passion for music from the start and allowed him to explore his musical interests by choosing some of his own pieces to study. Her exceptional teaching nurtured his love for music. I am truly grateful for her influence on his life.