In Their Own Words…

Many thanks to my students and their parents for taking the time to share their thoughts about having me as a piano teacher. 
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a caring, patient and disciplined teacher

Hoult Family

Over the past three years my daughter, Annika, had been learning piano with various music teachers. She had, however, begun to lose interest and was close to giving up. Last year she moved to Jane Trotter. Since being with Jane, Annika has made excellent progress. She now thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to her weekly lesson and is self-motivated to practice at home.

Jane has broadened Annika’s appreciation of music by introducing her to a wide range of composers and styles. In my opinion Jane has a very well rounded approach in her teaching which includes a mixture of theory and practice.

Jane is a caring, patient and disciplined teacher. She is incredibly approachable which has helped put Annika at ease. Jane is aware of other commitments in Annika’s busy life and keeps her motivated and on track without overtaxing her. We feel very fortunate to have found Jane and would highly recommend her as a piano teacher.

Philippa Hoult

I have been learning piano from Jane for the past year. Jane is an amazing piano teacher. Her understanding and patience help me to learn. She is kind, friendly and very approachable. Jane selects music that she knows I will enjoy learning. This year I have been able to expand my repertoire of tunes. One of my favourite things about Jane is that she encourages me to do my utmost best with every piece of music that she gives to me.

Annika Marriner

Jane is fostering a life-long love of music

Hesson Family

I enjoy Jane as my piano teacher as she is nice, she is funny and she stays calm when I am finding it hard to concentrate! She has lots of different songs to play. I also like the music games we play away from the piano.

Holly Hesson

Jane has taught my daughter Holly since she was seven. She has allowed Holly to develop her skills at her own pace and tailored her style to fit Holly’s nature. As a person who went through all the Grades at school, I have found it easy to step back and not interfere with Holly’s learning as I am very confident with Jane as her teacher. Holly is growing in confidence too and Jane is fostering a life-long love of music for her.

Kate Hesson

Jane is really nice and a great teacher

Hall Family

I like learning with Jane because she teaches me new notes and she’s funny sometimes. I really like the flashcard game.

Matthew Hall

Jane is really nice and a great teacher. She is patient and calm even when I make a mistake. Sitting exams is really stressful but Jane helps us stay focused.

Olivia Hall

I like Jane because she doesn’t get grumpy if I make mistakes. She also chooses some cool songs for me to learn like the Star Wars theme.

Jacob Hall

Every session is relaxing and fun.

Amelia (aged 13)

Jane has been my piano teacher for the last seven years. Every session is relaxing and fun. Jane has taught me many skills and techniques, and has given me confidence to play the piano in public. She takes the time to find interesting pieces of music for me to play, and then patiently goes through the pieces with me. Through her teaching I have achieved ‘Distinction’ passes in both my music practical and theory ABRSM exams. I am very lucky to have Jane as my piano teacher.

We felt very fortunate to have found her!

Lisa Houghton

All three of my girls took piano lessons with Jane – each with their own interests and learning styles and we found Jane was able to adapt and motivate them in different ways. My girls relayed that they always felt so comfortable with Jane. She felt more like a ‘friend’ helping you rather than a ‘piano teacher’. She was very patient, kind and understanding and they loved going to her house as her piano was ‘really nice’ and the house, warm, quiet and calm. They also really liked how she tailored their music selection by trialling songs for them to pick. This strategy helped with motivating them through each week of practice. All of my girls bounced out of their music lesson with Jane and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her each week. We felt very fortunate to have found her!

really enjoyed attending the piano lessons

Emma Crampton

Jane was a wonderful music teacher to me throughout the four years I was lucky enough to be taught by her. She always made sure to take my opinion into consideration when picking out music and has been very patient in her teaching style. She also ensured I was well prepared to take my piano exams, making the whole experience a lot less stressful. Not only did my music skills improve immensely, but I also really enjoyed attending the piano lessons. It was a great opportunity to do something a bit different from my everyday activities.

Jane is awesome and fun and super!

Mulder Family

Jane creates a relaxed learning environment. I find she is great at picking the areas where I can improve technically and providing useful tools to do so. Jane chooses great pieces that are enjoyable to play and really help extend my capabilities. She is also happy to work on various pieces I am practising at any given time and provides great insight even when I spring them on her without any notice. Jane also teaches my two children, Freddy and Lucy. They both feel very relaxed with her and have a great time.

Tom Mulder

She’s funny and smiley and we love our lessons. Jane is awesome and fun and super!

Lucy (aged 8)

I like that she gives us stickers and lollies at the end of the lesson and I like doing the flash cards with her.

Freddy (aged 5)

Lessons are never boring and I love Piano

James Hurley

I love going to piano lessons with Jane as my teacher. Jane is kind and lets me pick the pieces of music I play. She a very good teacher and and I have learnt so much from her and and she makes the lessons fun. I have been going for 5 years and the lessons are never boring and I love Piano. Thanks Jane

she is calm, encouraging and thoroughly professional

Amberly, Emma and Christine Orr

We have had the pleasure of having Jane as our piano teacher over the past 10 years both privately and at Saturday Morning Music Classes. Jane is a natural teacher – her passion for what she does is evident. She can easily adjust to the individual needs of her pupils. My girls have learned so much from Jane – she is calm, encouraging and thoroughly professional. I would definitely recommend Jane to anyone who is considering learning the piano.

Jane is wonderful at adapting her lessons to each pupil’s progress

Brook Family

Jane is a very friendly, helpful teacher. She is patient with her students, and does everything she can to help them learn to play the piano. She has an entire bookcase of pieces you can choose to play, and she has clearly taken the time to become a master of the piano.

Jonathan Brook

As well as being a fine piano teacher equipped with marvellous resources, Jane is wonderful at adapting her lessons to each pupil’s progress. Jane has taken our boys from novice status to passing many grading exams, and all with a smile and a genuine interest in each pupil. Thanks Jane!

Greg & Lesley Brook

Provided a rich and diverse repertoire

Qa-t-a Amun

Jane has provided piano lessons for my two children for several years. During this time she provided a rich and diverse repertoire of music to engage both of my children. They had a wide range of exposure to both contemporary and classical music as well as an ability to develop their theoretical musical knowledge. Thanks Jane!

very patient if I make a mistake

Romero (aged 12)

I really like Jane as a teacher because she chooses some cool songs that aren’t too hard like “Chocolate Carpark” and “Keep Cool”. She is also very patient if I make a mistake in Theory or a piece of music.

Jane is warm, compassionate and encouraging

Olivia McCrone

Jane is warm, compassionate and encouraging. The lessons were really fun and enjoyable because of the games that helped my piano learning. I really loved learning the notes on the magnet board.

she brings the best out of her students

Benjamin (aged 16)

I started piano lessons with Jane when I was eight years old. She is a very organised and professional teacher and makes learning interesting and enjoyable. With difficult pieces Jane is able to explain concepts in a way that I can relate to, and has a lot of patience and is always positive and encouraging. Jane is a very good piano teacher and she brings the best out of her students like she has with me.