I  currently have five books in print.  These are published and distributed by the worlds largest music print publisher and are used by music teachers globally. They are available at selected music stores throughout the United States, from and elsewhere.  If you live in New Zealand you can also purchase direct from me, making payment either by cheque or via Internet banking.  Contact Me for details.

Explore Garden Party

Garden Party

Imagine a miniature world where spiders, butterflies, ants and ladybirds come together for a ‘Garden Party’. 

Explore Garden Playtime

Garden Playtime

Revisit a world where garden creatures come to life in a fun and imaginative way. 

Explore Fantasy and Fairytale

Fantasy & Fairy Tale

Explore the mystical realm where characters from ‘fantasy and fairy tale’ come to life. 

Explore Freestyle


Embracing a sense of freedom and spontaneity, these 10 piano solos will enliven any practice session. 

Explore More Freestyle

More Freestyle

With pieces ranging in mood from gentle and contemplative to humorous and extroverted, there’s something for everyone.