Fantasy & Fairy Tale

Book Cover - Fantasy & Fairytale

Explore the mystical realm where characters from ‘fantasy and fairy tale’ come to life. Students will encounter marching dwarfs, enchanting mermaids, unsavory goblins, imposing giants, graceful fairies and mischievous elves. Humorous, expressive, spirited and wistful, each character presents their own musical portrait and individual challenges for performance.

Designed to stimulate the imagination, ‘Fantasy & Fairy Tale’ gives your students a real opportunity to explore and experiment with their own musical interpretation. The nine pieces in the collection vary in mood and style as much as the characters they portray differ in personality and temperament. 

Various technical demands specifically tailored for this level have been incorporated into each piece, making ‘Fantasy & Fairy Tale’ an ideal book for teachers looking for repertoire which will extend students both musically and technically.

These unique character pieces may be performed individually or contrasting pieces paired together in performance. Ideally, the whole collection should be performed as a suite; the more difficult pieces generally appear nearer the end of the collection, establishing a sense of progression and climax. Contrasts in touch, balance, articulation, tonality, tempi, chord placement, rhythmic complexity, phrase shaping and crossing of hands are all addressed in the varied pieces.

‘Fantasy & Fairy Tale’s’ teacher’s guide outlines each piece’s musical and technical aspects and provides some helpful practice suggestions. If you are looking for material which will stimulate, enliven and satisfy your students’ musical imaginations, the characters in ‘Fantasy & Fairy Tale’ will provide plenty of scope.