Book Cover - Freestyle

Embracing a sense of freedom and spontaneity, these 10 piano solos will enliven any practice session. Styles range from popular and jazz through to light-hearted character pieces. Have fun with ‘Kick Back’ and ‘Hopscotch’, reflect upon more quiet times in ‘Magenta Sunset’ and ‘Cloud Gazing’, or explore more unusual realms in ‘Stripy Socks’, ‘Ole’ and ‘March Macabre’.

With a variety of interpretative and technical demands incorporated into the music, not only will these pieces be fun to play, they’ll also help foster a solid technique. Presented throughout the music are contrasting and complementary technical demands specifically tailored for students at this level. Students will also have plenty of opportunity to showcase their musical flair with pieces ranging from the more dramatic and darkly comical, to the charming and carefree.

Each of the 10 pieces may be performed individually, or contrasting pieces paired, and learnt together to help broaden technique and further stylistic awareness. The easier pieces in the collection are recommended for study first to help gain a good foundation before attempting the more demanding repertoire. Aspects of balance, tonal projection, chord placement, articulation and touch, tempi, varying rhythmic complexity, phrasing and chromatic work are addressed throughout the book.

 ‘Freestyle’ contains a teacher’s guide outlining each piece’s musical and technical challenges, along with some helpful practice suggestions. With ample material to pique the imagination, ‘Freestyle’s’ wide variety of moods and styles will supply teachers and students with many pieces suitable for the competition and festival platform.