Garden Playtime

Book Cover - Garden Playtime

Revisit a world where garden creatures come to life in a fun and imaginative way. ‘Garden Playtime’ follows on from ‘Garden Party‘ and the nine pieces in this collection illustrate more intriguing characters including frolicking frogs, languid lizards, a dancing dog, wriggly caterpillars and mysterious snakes hiding in the vines.

Incorporating a variety of moods, styles and technical challenges, ‘Garden Playtime’ equally addresses the musical and technical needs of the young pianist. An accessible and humorous approach coupled with a comprehensive understanding of students’ developing technical capabilities make ‘Garden Playtime’ an ideal book for the intermediate pianist.

These nine character pieces may be performed as a suite in the order they appear in the book. However, a suggested study order is included in the teacher’s guide which outlines the pieces in ascending order of difficulty. Aspects of balance and phrase shaping, shared melodic interest between the hands, varying articulation, grace notes, rhythmic complexity and imitation between the hands are all addressed in the contrasting pieces.

As with ‘Garden Party’, ‘Garden Playtime’s’ teacher’s guide outlines each piece’s musical and technical aspects and provides some helpful practice tips. If you are looking for material for student recitals, competitions, or festivals, or just want your students to enjoy their music-making, ‘Garden Playtime’ contains plenty of pieces to meet your needs.