More Freestyle

Book Cover - More Freestyle

Revisit the fun of ‘Freestyle’ with ‘More Freestyle’. With pieces ranging in mood from gentle and contemplative to humorous and extroverted, there’s something for everyone. Experience the off-balance and dizzying world of ‘Scatterbrain’, the ‘Dawn Mist’ slowly unveiling a sleeping earth, the vivacious and exuberant ‘Fiesta’ and the swirling, airborne antics of ‘Runaway Kite’.

In the same way ‘Freestyle’ incorporated a variety of technical and stylistic components into the music, ‘More Freestyle’ adopts the same approach. With more sophisticated and complex pieces, students will be tested on more than mere technical grounds. Each piece is highly individual, requiring a strong conviction and sense of performance to convey its meaning and subtleties.

Any of the 8 pieces in ‘More Freestyle’ may stand alone, but with their unique character and originality, students may be encouraged to present 3 or 4 pieces as a ‘mini suite’. Again, a wide range of technical elements are explored, including tone colour, left hand strength and agility, changing time signatures, sensitivity of touch and phrasing and chromaticism.

As with ‘Freestyle’, ‘More Freestyle’s’ teacher’s guide provides relevant information for teachers and students alike. If you are looking for music which will activate, stimulate and sustain your student’s curiosity and imagination, ‘More Freestyle’ fits the bill.