It’s never too late to have music in your life!

You’re never ‘too old’ to learn! I’ve taught many adult students, some beginners starting from scratch, and others who have returned to the instrument after time away.

Why Begin Adult Piano Lessons?

Perhaps you…

  • Always wanted to play as a child but never had the opportunity
  • Are eager to resume lessons after a hiatus with work or family commitments
  • Want to learn the instrument alongside your children to give them support and encouragement
  • Enjoy the challenge and adventure of learning a new skill
  • Need to keep your brain and body active!
  • Would enjoy preparing for an exam
  • Need an outlet for your creative expression
  • Would like a greater understanding and appreciation of music
  • Are seeking to experience music on a deeper and more fulfilling level by playing rather than listening
  • Just want to do something ‘special’ – something just for you

Striking a Chord? Listen to Your Inner Musician

I’d love to help you take that first step and begin adult piano lessons, whether you’re a first time beginner or wanting to reconnect with the instrument if you’ve had a break.

It’s not all serious! There’ll be plenty of fun and laughter along the way.

My husband Shane is learning with me and the video below shows a lighter moment when I first gave him Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’ to try out.

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An experienced and knowedgeable teacher


Music performance and music teaching are both arts that Jane has mastered. Not all great performers make great teachers and it takes a lot of skill and thought to communicate to the students how exactly to achieve the sound required or the sound picture that you are wanting to produce.

Intrinsic motivation for practice and playing comes from enjoyable materials that match the student’s playing level and style. Jane is great at motivating her students by picking out pieces of music that do just that. She’s not stuck in a mode of strictly following a method book series, or slotting the students into a grade and only doing pieces that are grade-appropriate, and she’s not stuck in only teaching classical or pop music.

Jane is also very organised with her materials and time. Having an experienced and knowledgeable teacher guide you through music that inspires and excites you makes the learning process quicker and easier than learning on your own.

Consistently accelerates my learning

Mayuko Liguori

Learning how to play piano was always on the top of my bucket list. However, I hesitated to learn from a teacher because English is not my first language.

After teaching myself piano for the first two years, my progress hit a dead-end. So finally I decided to take lessons and found Jane online and she was very knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. Her advice is very helpful and consistently accelerates my learning.

It has been less than one year with Jane, but I have progressed more than I have done in two years. Thank you Jane!

natural instinct for teaching

Trish Owen

It’s been a real pleasure returning to playing the piano after many years away. Jane has a natural instinct for teaching which, when combined with her enthusiasm and experience, makes for fun and engaging lessons.

encouraging and supportive

Esther Smith

As a complete beginner at adult age, Jane has been extremely encouraging and supportive. She always comes with great advice, is very patient and takes an interest in me beyond just my lessons. I always leave feeling praised yet also with a good challenge in hand. I couldn’t imagine a better teacher to begin with!

You are never too old!

Yvonne Wharerimu

Learning to play the piano was something I had always wanted to to do. So in my 60s I started lessons with Jane. I am so glad I did as she is a brilliant teacher. I often felt I was a bit slow to pick up the music but Jane never made me feel so. She has the patience of a saint! She always came up with an alternative way of learning something. I would heartily recommend Jane to anyone wanting to learn piano. You are never too old!

friendly, supportive environment

Julie Buchanan

I started learning Piano in my fifties having had no previous background in music. I’ve found it very challenging but at the same time incredibly rewarding and lots of fun in the process. Jane is a kind, enthusiastic and very, very, patient teacher. Thank you Jane! I feel relaxed and focused during lessons and always leave motivated and inspired no matter how slow the progress.

I really appreciate the opportunity to perform in front of other adult learners. There is no doubting it’s a bit scary but it is really cool to share your skills in a friendly, supportive environment with people who are on the same journey as you.

lessons were enjoyable and I learnt a lot

Karilyn Canton

Jane was recommended to me by a friend. It was an excellent recommendation. I started with Jane as an adult student a few years ago. I had very little musical knowledge, having never previously learnt a musical instrument. Jane was very flexible in working around my work commitments. The book she started me with was called “You are never too old to learn” -which turned out to be true! The lessons were enjoyable and I learnt a lot. I was so impressed by Jane’s style of teaching and her kind and enthusiastic nature that I asked her to also teach my daughter, Laura.

Laura has now been learning piano and music theory from Jane for three years. Laura enjoys going to her lessons. Initially Laura had her lessons at Jane’s house, but now she has her lessons at her school as Jane also does private lessons at Columba College. Laura is very keen to continue learning the piano from Jane. Laura gets real enjoyment from playing the piano, and will often just sit down at the piano and play various pieces for fun and relaxation. Jane has been integral in encouraging that love of music in Laura. I would recommend Jane to anyone wanting to learn piano. She is fantastic at being able to adapt to the interests of the student –whether it’s an adult student or child.

I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to begin learning with!


I've really enjoyed my time getting lessons from Jane. Having played guitar for a few years, I had always been keen to learn Piano. I'd kept putting it off due to being worried I was already too old and had no Piano or music theory knowledge . I found Jane online and after doing an introductory lesson with her I enjoyed it so much I decided to finally buy a piano and begin lessons. Jane was super patient and reassuring even when I made mistakes or played slowly, which made me feel very comfortable. She is very easy to get on with and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to begin learning with! I also think the tips and lessons she gives have been invaluable and feel I would have not progressed nearly as well without coming to her. Thanks Jane!

Jane has been a wonderful piano teacher

Erica Su

Jane has been a wonderful piano teacher, she prepared me well for my exams and helped me to reach my personal goals. I enjoyed exploring many classical pieces with her and she has taught me the techniques required to achieve playing the harder pieces. She is an encouraging and patient piano teacher.

Jane is a highly skilled teacher

Marcus Ward

Jane is a highly skilled teacher that creates an environment which makes learning piano an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Every lesson was just as valuable as the last. I would, without a doubt, recommend lessons with Jane to anyone wanting to improve their piano skills.

thoroughly recommend Jane

Dean Bell

Jane has been a wonderful piano teacher for both myself and two daughters. Piano lessons are a weekly event that we as a family really look forward to. Her teaching style is structured yet relaxed and her real skill is that she is able to tailor her classes to the individual person learning, and level that they are at. As a “Mature” student (over 40 years old), Jane has listened to my request for less theory based teaching and more relevant Jazz/Blues type piano music. As a result I am learning musical pieces that I love to listen to, learn, and play. I would thoroughly recommend Jane to all those people thinking of taking up piano lessons!

Terrific to work with

Michael McAlpine

In early 2017 I decided that I would buy a piano and start taking lessons. I have wanted to do this for some time and decided that it didn’t make sense to put off learning any longer. I did some online research and talked to a person or two which lead me to Jane.

Jane has been terrific to work with. I get quite nervous when playing the music I have been learning, but Jane is very affirming and supportive. Learning a blues and swing rhythm was tough, but Jane made a recording for me and sent it to me. That was just what I needed to kick off learning the next few pieces of music in my book. Thanks Jane for your positive approach to learning.

Taking lessons with you was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself

Marine Richarson

I came to this studio to fulfill a childhood dream. I had so much to learn, and dreaded having to sweat on scales and feeling frustrated at my own incompetence. It has been two years now, and I still have a lot to learn - but you make practice an absolute delight. I appreciate your patience, your sense of humour, and your help teaching me how to see beyond the music sheets. Taking lessons with you was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself, so thank you 😊

since beginning lessons my knowledge has increased 10 fold

Josh Bristowe

I've been having lessons with Jane close to three years now and it has been a fantastic experience. I started off with no knowledge of music, or music theory having never played an instrument before but since beginning lessons my knowledge has increased 10 fold. The joy I get from being able to play and understand music is so much fun and I would highly recommend. Jane's teaching style is easy and relaxed with low pressure and encouragement to keep improving. She's open to teaching you specific pieces you would like to learn, helping you not just learn how to play it but understand the nuance of the piece. It has been a great learning experience and I will definitely be keeping it up for years to come!