International Students

Lesson Times for International Students

My studio is based in Dunedin, New Zealand, which is up to 12 hours ahead of other countries.

This time zone difference can work well for some students.  For example, one of my students in Boston gets home from work and then has an early evening lesson which, with time zone differences, works well for both of us. 

My current teaching schedule is outlined below. I encourage you to check a time zone converter and if you think that our times will be compatible, please get in touch to discuss further. 

Tip for using Time Zone Converter

When using a time zone converter, you may not find Dunedin, New Zealand listed as an option. In that case choose Auckland - it's the largest city in New Zealand (we all share the same time zone).

2023 Teaching Hours (NZ Local Time)


Morning Session

Afternoon Session


10:00am to 1:00pm

3:30pm to 6:40pm


Non Teaching Period

3:00pm to 6:40pm


10:00am to 1:00pm

3:30pm to 6:40pm


Non Teaching Period

3:00pm to 6:40pm


10:00am to 1:00pm

3:30pm to 6:40pm

What about Daylight Saving Time?

My full timetable doesn't allow much in the way of flexibility regarding daylight saving changes in other time zones, so a student’s lesson time will always be determined by the local time in New Zealand. This means that it doesn't change due to daylight saving time (at either end). So, when New Zealand shifts in or out of daylight saving (and likewise your home country), you will need to make the appropriate adjustments at your end.

If you find a lesson time that would generally work, but you are not sure about it being feasible during a daylight saving shift, please contact me - sometimes there is some wiggle room.

Payments & Currency Procedures

I like to keep things simple, so I don't have a separate fee schedule for International students, but I do expect payment to be in New Zealand Dollars. In the case of New Zealand students, payment is by direct credit to my bank account, and international students are also welcome to pay via that method. 

A simpler method (which I'm happy to use with International Students) may be to use PayPal. However, there will be a small surcharge over and above the tuition fees to cover the foreign currency conversion costs and fees charged by PayPal if you want to use this method of payment.

All tuition is delivered in accordance with the Studio Policy which students and parents agree to before starting lessons. 

For obvious reasons, I don't extend credit to students that are not domiciled in New Zealand, so payment for each Terms lessons must be made before lessons for that Term commence.

Internet Connection

International Students are taught online, and as such, you may be concerned about connectivity. So far all my lessons with students based overseas have been problem free, and often the connection is better than I have with students across town. However, if this is a concern, please let me know and we can do a quick call to evaluate the connection before you sign up to the waiting list.

Information on equipment etc. for Online Lessons is covered here.

I started with Jane as an adult student at age 20, and thoroughly appreciate the support she gave me through my journey of learning to play the piano. Jane is always looking for ways to help improve her students' technique, and provides valuable methods for learning good-practice piano skills. She is very accommodating towards her students, particularly after I shifted abroad where we continued our lessons. I cannot recommend Jane's teaching enough!

Logan Stadnyk

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