Garden Party

Book Cover - Garden Party

Imagine a miniature world where spiders, butterflies, ants and ladybirds come together for a ‘Garden Party’. Each of the 13 pieces in the collection illustrate a different party-goer; whether it be the marching beetles, Miss Centipede who has lost her shoes, or the grasshopper who has had a little too much to drink.

The pieces in ‘Garden Party’ are designed to be creative in style, imaginative in character, accessible for performer and listener and sensitive to a student’s developing technical needs. All pieces address the musical, technical and interpretative requirements for young players in a fun and imaginative way.

Pieces in the collection are arranged in progressive order and are designed to broaden and enhance the young pianist’s technique. Each piece is musically varied and incorporates a different technical challenge, ranging from tonal balance and control, preparation and execution of slurs, melodic interest shared between the hands and freedom of wrist and arm movement.

‘Garden Party’ contains a teacher’s guide which outlines the various challenges in each piece along with some helpful practice suggestions. Ideal as a supplementary repertoire book, many of the pieces are suitable as performance material for recitals or competitions.